Recent Releases

Hi guys, this week was a busy one for sure, hence no posts or Discover Weeklies. However I have still been working on something, I travelled up to Sheffield on Wednesday to do my first interview for the blog and I have been working on getting that written up. So the lack of a blog is not out of laziness I swear…well not completely anyway.

Anyway the interview is nowhere near ready yet, so I’m going to get that out next week, but for now I thought I would do a little round up of some new music from the last few days. Now before you say anything, I know this recent release series was supposed to be purely quick, snappy one song posts, but it was impossible for me to pick one song from this weeks releases, so you’re having three, alright?

The Neighbourhood – Middle Of Somewhere

This dreamy little number comes as the leading single for what will be the Californians’ fifth album. One of the bands slower and more stripped back songs for sure, acoustic guitar strokes keep the rhythm whilst distorted, phase shifted electric strings are layered over the background to allow for soft yet jarred and intriguing sound that has no need for drums. Similar to the instrumentals, The Neighbourhood have managed to use a minimalistic approach with lyrics yet still pack them full of meaning and relatability. Not my favourite one of all time, but definitely an effectively welcoming precursor for what is to come.

Octavio – This Is What Remembering Feels Like

Octavio brings pure indie-rock to this tune. The opening funnily enough reminds me a lot of The Neighbourhood, with an acoustic rhythm and contrasting, sharp high pitched twangs of electric guitar. This track builds and builds, with drums that become slowly more and more prevalent and lyrics that go deeper and deeper before a grand finale of emotion filled vocals, screams and The Killers esque electric guitar. Octavio has nailed the change of intensity and tempo to make for a rollercoaster track. P.S – doesn’t the cover look like something straight out of The Mighty Boosh?

LNLYHRTS – All Over For Now

These lads are rapidly becoming one of my go to bands on a daily basis, and since I met them (hint) and since the release of ‘All Over For Now’ that has only increased. Following the infectious indie-pop rock vibe of their last single ‘Koala’ , LNLYHRTS have again succeeded in the creation of some serious easy listening. Not easy listening as in simple and passive, easy listening as in real effin’ good and therefore super easy to pop on repeat. I’ve said easy too much haven’t I? Nevermind. Plucky guitar melodies and a mad catchy chorus set this one up to be a seriously popular tune. One of the highlights for me is the variation in the delivery, from Tom’s distinctive effortless breath-like vocals in the chorus and first verse, to an almost spoken second verse that gives the words a story-like, anecdotal quality that reminds me slightly of Rex Orange County. Once again LNLYHRTS have proven their stylish diversity and their ability to pleasantly surprise, quality.

That’s it for this week guys, I’m gonna go and get this interview written up and polished for next week. In the meantime, do yourself a favour check out these songs. For updates on the upcoming interview and any other Mono Blogs news, follow @_media_mono_ on Instagram. Cheers.

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