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Long time no see folks, I must apologise once again for the lack of content here on Mono Blogs over the past few months. A combo of moving house and an almost deceased laptop has made it difficult to get back into writing; I’ll be banging posts out on a more regular basis very soon […]

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Hey guys, hope everyone is still coping okay, I’m currently adding to my Quarantunes playlist over on Spotify, so I thought I’d write about some of the music I’m adding. This week we’ve got a new E.P, a recent album and a recently discovered artist. AQVOL AQVOL’s infectious sound melds soothing, melodic keys with the […]

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Round Up of the Month

October A blogpost two weeks on the bounce? That’s not happened for a while has it eh? Aren’t you guys lucky. Seeing as I have been away from the blog for a while I thought I’d get us back up to date with some of the music that October has brought us. Tom The Mail […]

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INTERVIEW With their vibe-driven, atmospheric opening EP, two recent singles full of indie-pop pleasure, and much more right around the corner, LNLYHRTS are only going one way, and that’s a steep incline up and up. To say I was looking forward to interviewing them is an understatement. There were points on my car journey to […]


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Hi guys, this week was a busy one for sure, hence no posts or Discover Weeklies. However I have still been working on something, I travelled up to Sheffield on Wednesday to do my first interview for the blog and I have been working on getting that written up. So the lack of a blog […]

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Album Alert

Trippie Redd – ! Being a long-term Trippie fan, I have come to learn that everything this man creates is complete fiery gold – or should I say platinum? Because like every album so far, that’s what this album deserves. When one of my top artists releases new music of course I’m buzzing, it’s one […]

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Recent Release

Dadcapps – Poison Pill ft. YTK A blogpost on a Monday? Ethan are you feeling alright? – Do not worry, I assure you I’m fine…Dadcapps told me about his new song and it gave me an idea. Every now and then I’m gonna do these short and hopefully sweet posts about new tracks that I […]

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Week 7 How’s it going guys, I hope you’re all doing good. Apologies for there not being a blog last week, I was on holiday and enjoyed relaxing in the sun too much. But I still managed too squeeze in a lot of music listening, which included this week’s three; Anwar Hadid, Jori Vague and […]

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Discover Weeklies

Week six Discover Weeklies is finally back after a couples weeks off, with something different last week and unfortunately no blog the week before. It feels good to be back with the normal routine. The triplet of artists for this week’s write up will probably be the most divisive so far. I mean it might […]

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Discover Weeklies

WEEK FIVE Hi guys, hope you’re all doing good. We’re heading down a different route this week and looking at three artists which are all kinda hard to describe as a genre. Indie-pop maybe…could be called that, although I hate using the word ‘pop’. Anyway who cares, whatever it is, it’s good and that’s what […]

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