Discover Weeklies

Week six

Discover Weeklies is finally back after a couples weeks off, with something different last week and unfortunately no blog the week before. It feels good to be back with the normal routine. The triplet of artists for this week’s write up will probably be the most divisive so far. I mean it might not be but that’s my prediction anyway. This week will focus around the combination of elements from two genres – pop punk and trap. This hybrid genre is one that feels fairly fresh, but appears to be growing more and more all the time. I feel like the people that will like this stuff the most are those who have been fans of bands like AS IT IS and Neck Deep etc, but want to find something a bit different with a similar vibe and voice. For most, I reckon this is one that you’re either gonna love or hate.

There are many artists developing this kind of sound, but the three artists I have chosen are Prettyheartbreak, Brady Amour and Sleye.

1. Prettyheartbreak

Spotify Listeners: 20,518

Most Played Song: Our Song

My Personal Pick: Miss Me

In terms of production, Prettyheartbreak is probably the least pop-punky of today’s artists. He brings mellow yet hard-hitting sub bass and throws super melodic keyboard elements over the top to create magical, spacey beats that always bring something different than the ones before and after. Prettyheartbreak manages to create a sound that has the ability to both juxtapose and complement itself all at the same time. The deep and dark 808 smacks create a sincere and menacing vibe, but this is contrasted to perfection by light melodies that jump all over the place and just get better and better as each song develops. Prettyheartbreak also manages to switch between faster, emo-rap sounds to more punk-esque vocals almost in such a way that is almost unnoticeable it is that effortless. This is all topped of by lyrics packed full of emotion delivered in a flow that always gets stuck in my head. My favourite song of his has to be ‘Miss Me’, with its use of the main melody from XXXTENTACION‘s ‘woah (mind in awe)’ and its catchy chorus.

2. Brady Amour

Spotify Listeners: 2,984

Most Played Song: Play Along (with Sleye, safehold and Reaper)

My Personal Pick: What You Did

Brady Amour’s voice takes me back to the days listening to the likes of State Champs and Sleeping With Sirens. His look, mixed with his high-pitched vocals containing that strong American twang leaves me thinking that Amour wouldn’t look an inch out of place leading a pop-punk band. I’m pretty sure he’d do a good job of it too. But I’m glad he’s not because that’s allowed for him to create his own sound unique to him; something much more original. A sound of his own, and a sound that takes multiple forms. Brady’s tracks transition from pure pop-rock to indie-trap from one song to the next, and even within songs. A master of melding genres, Amour brings perfectly cheesy emo-esque vocals and lyrics in the best way, and pairs that with mean guitar riffs and heavy bass beats that pack a serious punch. Look I know cheesy is almost never a compliment, but in this case it definitely is…there must be a better word than cheesy but I can’t think of it…anyway cheesy good, in a way that isn’t corny or crap, in a way that plays on conventions of old pop-punk bands to the extreme and excels them. That probably makes no sense but trust me that’s aimed as a compliment. Thank you Brady Amour for taking a genre of music that dominated my taste for years and putting a brilliantly fresh spin on it. I like it a lot.

3. Sleye

Spotify Listeners: 5,612

Most Played Song: Hurt

My Personal Pick: You Were Always Cold

Sleye brings a seriously revamped twist on alternative rock. With vocals reminiscent of Pierce The Veil singer Vic Fuentes, Sleye also takes me back to my ’emo’ days. Her voice is one with the ability to hit the listener with an incredible amount of emotion, giving vast amounts of meaning and realness to her words. Sleye’s style varies wonderfully throughout her music, from deep, grungy tunes full of menace to melodic, spectral songs packed with heartbreak and hurt. Sleye truly brings a variation of rock and hip-hop that cannot be contained to either one nor the other, yet completely encompasses both in a way that is unlike any other to create an infectious mood that is so easy to get absorbed into. For something brand new to your ears, check her out. My personal favourite is ‘You Were Always Cold’ , a song that kinda brings elements from two of my favourite songs into one. The guitar sounds like a sped up version of the guitar from Yung EMU‘s ‘LUV DNT DIE’ and the cadence and tempo of the singing proper reminds me of Juice Wrld‘s ‘Hurt Me’. Whether this was at all intentional, it works for me big time.

That’s it for the week folks, I hope you find something new that you like in these three artists. Now that I am moved into my new place and my new kitten is settled, I am hoping that I can be consistent with my posts every week again. I know I only missed one week, but if the series is going to be called ‘Discover Weeklies’ I’ve kinda got to get it out every week, or else I better change it to ‘Discover Almost Weeklies’

Last but not least (waffle waffle), make sure you go and follow my new ‘Summer Suggestions’ playlist on Spotify from last week’s blog for some sunshiney songs to get you in the mood for summer. I am going to try and keep adding to it as and when. Thanks guys.

All numbers / stats are taken from Spotify and are as of 17.07.2019.

Cover design by Ellie-Jean Lloyd.

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