Summer Suggestions

With the recent spells of sunny weather here in the U.K, I thought now would be an apt time to mix things up a bit and give you guys my list of tunes to get the most out of the sunshine. Whether you’re out on a drive, having a barbecue, or simply sunbathing with refreshing beverage, these songs will sort out any summer occasion.

I’ve gone for a list of 10 songs here on the blog, but I’m thinking I might make an extended version in the form of a playlist over on Spotify. Be sure to check that link out at the end of the blog. So, in no particular order, here’s my list:

1. Easy Life – Sunday

The first song to make it on the list comes from one of my favourite bands right now – Easy Life. A mellow, trumpety beat mixed with fun, light-hearted lyrics makes for easy listening whenever, wherever…particularly fitting for a lazy, sunny Sunday, believe it or not.

2. Tobi Lou – Buff Baby

Probably my song of the summer, Tobi Lou’s ‘Buff Baby’ is a staple song every day at the moment. The main tune for this song has been taken from song in ‘Adventure Time’ and makes for an absolute bop. With humorously clever wordplay and crazy catchy flows throughout, this song is one to loop over and over again.

3. Murkage Dave – See Man Smile

In this satisfyingly British sounding song, uplifting piano chords and emotion-filled violin strings harmoniously match Murkage Dave’s soul-sounding voice to take you on a journey through life’s highs and lows, leaving a warm feeling inside by the end of the song. A perfect song to remind you to appreciate all the memories you make this summer.

4. Yung EMU – Bubblegum

Bright, interesting instruments combined with trappy hi hats and sub bass create a punchy, lively beat perfect for booming out of your speakers in the sun. I feel like with how much is going on in this song, you can listen to it so many times and pick up something different each time, from the varying cadence, to more and more added sounds throughout.

5. Eso.XO.Supreme – Low Tides

With a beat that sounds like Plaza’s ‘Wanting You’ and Drake’s ‘Signs’ love child, ‘Low Tides’ brings elements from all kinds of genres. From Mr Eazi esque afro-beat vibes, to latino sounding vocals with trappy sounding auto-tune. All this comes together to bring some serious tropical heat, reminding me of beach parties and clubbing holidays abroad. Love it.

6. Kali Uchis – Just A Stranger (feat. Steve Lacy)

Definitely one that gets your feet tapping and your head bopping at the very least. Kali Uchis brings a boppy beat with a infectious lyrics to get you in the mood for a boogie no matter how many Pina Coladas you’ve got down you. Add in Steve Lacy’s catchy, sing-along chorus and you’ve got yourself a top summer party number. This has got to be one of my most played songs this summer.

7. Gabriel Gassi – Weekend

This 2018 single from Gabriel Gassi brings all sorts of influences together to gel into one hell of a party anthem. A poppy, electro beat throughout verses sit perfectly below the Swede’s almost robotic, yet impressive vocals. This is followed by a dancey build up to a chorus that bursts out with tropical house instrumentals full of beach vibes and simple yet catchy lyrics. Definitely one to please people of all taste and preferences. Proper, proper banger.

8. Caleborate – Soul

This song by Caleborate has as much substance as it does style, lots. The rapper talks about breaking the mould from working a 9 to 5 job and still achieving goals, being happy in yourself and looking after those around you. The beat is full of feel-good, with soul-filled piano and a sample of Laura Nyro’s ‘Save The Country’ previously used similarly by Kanye West. Caleborate switches between spitting over hard hitting drums, to taking moments to let the song mellow out and speak for itself with soft, smooth vocals.

9. Duckwrth – MICUHUUL.

Duckwrth glides from fast-paced to slick and slow in an effortless fashion on ‘MICHUUL.’ A simple beat with a heavy focus on light, blocky drums and summery flashes of synth in the during verses and the chorus is juxtaposed by the more laid back bridge leading up to the chorus, giving the listener a quick rest before Duckwrth gets right back to into the funk. This one is definitely the song for everyone to hear full volume as you’re driving around, windows down in the sun.

10. The Factoury (Jesse Rutherford) – U R Wut U Eat

This song is the only song that isnt available on Spotify (boo), but it can be listened to on Soundcloud and YouTube. The Neighbourhood front-man Jesse Rutherford brings a light hearted and extremely cool number pretty much all about how good his girl is in the bedroom…standard. Regardless, this song snaps in every way, from the infectious flow sung to perfection, to the completely unique beat with bouncy electronic drums to funky background guitars and sound effects reminiscent of old school rap songs. This song gets better and better the longer it goes on and is one that I cannot just listen to once.

There you go guys, there’s my top 10 song suggestions for you to get in your speakers this summer. Be sure to check them out, and to go and follow my new ‘Summer Suggestions’ playlist over on Spotify for an extended list of my favourite summery numbers. Enjoy.

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