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Hi guys, hope you’re all doing good. We’re heading down a different route this week and looking at three artists which are all kinda hard to describe as a genre. Indie-pop maybe…could be called that, although I hate using the word ‘pop’. Anyway who cares, whatever it is, it’s good and that’s what matters.

1. Crouchin 40 Sippas

Spotify Listeners: 6, 366

Most Played Song: Brake Light

My Personal Pick: Sun Sick

Gavin, Gabe and Spencer of Crouchin 40 Sippas bring a sound that is completely and utterly individual to them. With voices that could somehow fit into emo hip-hop and also be chucked into an 80’s pop tune, each member brings a uniqueness that gels together perfectly with each other. Dreamy, electronic backing instrumentals with bright keyboard elements combined with the occasional trappy hi-hat creates a serious 80’s vibe with a fresh, modern twist. Their most played song on Spotify ‘ Brake Light ‘ would fit right into the soundtrack for the film ‘ Drive ‘, with spectral bass tunes juxtaposed by bursts of spacey sounds and a quality chorus with simple yet enticing lyrics. For something different, definitely give these guys a listen. Whether you’re out on a late night drive or chilling in your room, you won’t regret it.

2. Reaper

Spotify Listeners: 104, 764

Most Played Song: HEADY

My Personal Pick: GRIP

Reaper is one intriguing artist to say the least. As someone who seems to experiment with a whole host of different sounds, Reaper’s songs constantly and unexpectedly twist and turn; always shifting from relaxing to unsettling and back again. It is clear that the instrumental / production side of things is just as important to Reaper as the vocals, and has not been neglected at all. Instrumental elements are being added and taken away non-stop throughout, keeping the listener well and truly on their toes. Reaper has the ability to throw all kinds of vibes into his music, and by throw I mean throw, right into your face. Whatever the mood, Reaper fully goes head first into it. His music creates an ever-changing space around it; giving both a tight, claustrophobic, enclosed feeling and a looser, more relaxed opposite. Psychedelic voice effects aid in this change of atmosphere, with deeper, rougher distortions creating an unnerving feel. My personal pick, ‘ GRIP ‘ is a menacing and deep track which leaves you on edge in the best way. Genius.


Spotify Listeners: 149

Most Played Song: There Are Things More Beautiful

My Personal Pick: Police

Based in Sheffield, LNLYHRTS are the artists closest to home so far. On the one hand this is quality, because although there is a huge amount of talent in the U.S and elsewhere, there is something warming about finding good music from home. On the other hand, it annoys me as I wish I had heard of these pair sooner. LNLYHRTS bring a sound of peaceful bliss throughout their music, with soft yet distinct vocals combined with soothing guitar and vibey electro sounds. LNLYHRTS often use a mixture of punchy electric drums with a poppy rhythm, casual guitar melodies and the odd little interesting keyboard tune. The element of LNLYHRTS’ music that I enjoy the most is the long, drawn out synth chords playing in the background of some of their songs; this gives a real sense of atmosphere and leaves no room for any emptiness, love it. My personal favourite ‘Police’ exhibits this perfectly, bringing a vibe similar to that of The 1975, but with their own style thrown into it to create an ambience that is second to none. When these boys are the newest big indie-pop band, remember you heard it here first, alright?

If you do anything with your free time this week, use it to check these three out, you will not regret it, I promise.

All numbers / stats are as of 26.06.19

Cover design Ellie-Jean Lloyd

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