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Week four…that technically means one month of Discover Weeklies already doesn’t it? Blimey. Fortunately for you guys my list of artists that I want to talk about is not even close to the end, if there ever is an end…probably not.

Anyway, the three artists that I’ve picked from that list for this week are Graveyard, Tom The Mail Man and Yung City – enjoy.

1. Graveyard

Spotify Listeners: 17,256

Most Played Song: I Don’t Have To Tell You I’m Okay Anymore

My Personal Pick: Ego

An artist different to any other that I have covered so far, Graveyard brings a graceful flow to his delivery which compliments his often poetic yet honest and raw lyricism. Graveyard is able to convey the feeling that each song is aimed at a specific person, almost as though he is really using the song as a way to talk to them and explain the way he is feeling. The songs ‘I Don’t Have To Tell You I’m Okay Anymore’ and ‘Im Doing Fine’ give off this vibe the most, almost coming across as short letters read out over music. Being a big fan of lo-fi, Graveyard’s beat choices are perfect for me. Lo-fi esque beats with calming guitar tunes in the background paired with unique and quirky keyboard elements are spot on for the feeling Graveyard’s sophisticated mood and lyrics create. When listening to Graveyard, I often imagine being sat in a cool, city coffee shop looking out the window at the rain; don’t ask me why, probably me just being weird…just makes me feel chill and cosy I guess, fuck knows. Moving on anyway, I’m looking forward to what is to come from Graveyard, I feel like his style has room for a lot of interesting music to be made without becoming even a bit boring. So Graveyard, if you read this, give us more asap, I want to hear it!

2. Tom The Mail Man

Spotify Listeners: 23,485

Most Played Song: Lil Tommy

My Personal Pick: BROKE

Tom The Mail Man is one of those artists that I discover every now and again that just confuse me as to why they’re not crazy big yet. Of course all the artists I write about are artists that I think deserve more, but sometimes there are some that just seem to be doing that little bit extra to the rest; and this guy is one of them. From the amount of songs he’s been putting out, to his style and aesthetic, to his music videos, Tom The Mail Man is killing it in my opinion. In a year and a half he has put out like 15 songs on Spotify (all as good as each other) along with a whole album, and even more on YouTube and Soundcloud. Tom The Mail Man covers a range of sounds in the beats he uses, from melodic numbers, to surreal, spacey tunes to downbeat, sit back lo-fi types. Whatever the beat, Tom The Mail Man makes it work every time with introspective yet enjoyable and catchy lyrics and a voice that could make anything sound good. I’ve got a serious feeling that this guy is going to blow up in a big, big way sometime soon, he has to…he can’t not. We’re only halfway through the year and I already know this guy is one of my top discoveries of 2019. His new song released on Sunday ‘BROKE’ absolutely snaps in every way and once again shows a different side to his music, bringing a more aggressive sound that he nails once again – check that one out on Soundcloud or YouTube. Props to ESKRY for the production, that beat is unlike anything else I’ve heard, absolute scenes. And yes that is Billie Eilish as the song’s cover, gotta say that did make me laugh when I first saw it.

3. Yung City

Spotify Listeners: 7,337

Most Played Song: Broken

My Personal Pick: Potions and Emotions

Yung City appears to be able to make any lyric catchy. Whether that’s in a hook, a verse or whatever, the tempo and cadence of his flows hit the perfect rhythm to end up going round and round in your head all day. This is further increased by boppy, yet at times eery and melancholy beats with infectious melodies that just add to the songs’ ability to stick in your mind. Yung City brings emotion filled lyrics about love and heartbreak that can really be felt when listened to, and can definitely be related to; especially for teens and young people who may have gone through similar situations. Despite an often moody vibe, Yung City still manages to create a sense of positivity through his lyrics, often talking about bad times but then contrasting that with a light at the end of the tunnel. I love the fact the fact that his tracks switch between emo-trappy numbers to laid back, lyrical lo-fi tracks with more of a focus on raw rapping. Yung City is definitely one I am interested in following and watching develop as an artist, I feel like this guy is only going to improve and get better and better, again I am looking forward to what is next for Yung City, I’m sure I’ll love it.

Before I finish I just wanted to remind you guys to make sure that you follow the blog here on WordPress with your email and also give my Instagram a follow @_media_mono_. That way you can keep up to date with any updates and goings on and see the artists will be for the next week a few days before the blog goes out.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has tuned in so far, whether this is your first time here or you’ve read every week so far, it means a lot that anyone is checking this out, I know reading can be boring, so hopefully you guys enjoy what I’m saying along with the artists that I feature. Thanks again, see you next week.

All stats / numbers are as of the 19.06.2019.

Cover design by Ellie-Jean Lloyd.

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