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Week 7

How’s it going guys, I hope you’re all doing good. Apologies for there not being a blog last week, I was on holiday and enjoyed relaxing in the sun too much. But I still managed too squeeze in a lot of music listening, which included this week’s three; Anwar Hadid, Jori Vague and Local Jane.

1. Anwar Hadid

Spotify Listeners: 47,824

Most Played Song: Synonym for lonely ft. Fantastic Kid

My Personal Pick: BLEED

Model and brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, it’s safe to say that music is probably not what Anwar Hadid is most famous for, but if his music carries on in the same vain as his debut album ‘BLEACH’ , that could very easily change. The diversity of Hadid’s music is outstanding. One prominent side of Anwar Hadid is grungey tracks full of deep and gravelly guitars and vocals to match, filled with emotion that could resonate through anyone. Another juxtaposing character in the models music is that of light, melodic acoustic guitar and soft, breathy lyrics, almost acting as relaxing interludes between tracks. This mellowness allows the listeners ears to catch up and get ready for what is next, and after your first few listens of ‘BLEACH’ , you realise that could be anything. This edgy grunginess and indie-rock acoustics are contrasted by the odd hip-hop / trap sound thrown into the mix with tracks like ‘Synonym for lonely’ and ‘its okay baby scream!’ and features from the likes of Jaden, Rube Boyy and LANDON. I think the only other albums I’ve heard that could challenge ‘BLEACH’ in terms of its amalgamation of genres and moods are those of XXXTENTACION. Anwar Hadid is an artist I liked almost instantly. His unique sound comes as a breath of fresh air for me. It’s one of the best feelings when you’re getting tired of your current rotation of music and then out of nowhere comes an artist or style that is unlike anything you’ve heard. I’m a big, big fan already.

2. Local Jane

Spotify Listeners: 66,099

Most Played Song: Overnight

My Personal Pick: No Light

Local Jane is an ambiguous character to say the least. I looked for ages to find a picture of the guy and couldn’t find any at all. This enigma is a perfect example of letting the music completely speak for itself without the need for a constant social media presence. Local Jane has enough style about him without even needing to see what he looks like, his music seeps the stuff. Local Jane brings some of the smoothest, most refined vocals and pairs them with sophisticated piano and guitar melodies which build up before you are hit with a variation of bass-filled electronic drums. Local Jane’s suave sound is an intriguing one that leaves me looking forward to more. What excites me the most about this artist is the flashes of ability to rap as smoothly as he can sing. This combination of polished vocals rapping could prove to be a winner, along with the ever-debonair instrumentals and beats. I love the theme running through his single covers, which contain dark, eerie photos of different objects with evidence number cards next to each one like they’re all objects from a crime scene. P.S – I had the exact same monkey toy from the cover for ‘Saving’…identical

3. Jori Vague

Spotify Listeners: 22,429

Most Played Song: Facade

My Personal Pick: Indigo

With silky singing, dreamy piano and a flawlessly clean production, Jori Vague has got it spot on. Bringing infectious flows reminiscent of artists like Bryson Tiller, and velvet vocals that remind me a lot like one of my favourite artists PLAZA, Vague’s music already sounds super solid and accomplished. This is a guy that sounds like he is fully aware of the vibe he wants to create and also knows exactly how to execute that to perfection. Jori Vague sings and raps about love, lust and things of the like in a smooth fashion with a certain swagger and style. A little tip for any guys out there trying to get some, do yourself a favour a stick this guy on, his music is bound to increase your chances. In all seriousness though, I highly recommend checking this guy out when you’re in the mood for an indulgent, laid back atmosphere.

Three super interesting artists to sink your teeth into this week. Be sure to check all of three of these guys out along with everyone included in the Discover Weeklies series over on Spotify:

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about some ideas for different types of posts that I could do here on Mono Blogs, so look forward to more than just Discover Weeklies in the near future. And if any of you have any ideas of your own be sure to hit me up on Instagram @_media_mono_ or email me –, I’m all ears.

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All stats are as of 01.08.2019 and are taken from Spotify.

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