Recent Release

Dadcapps – Poison Pill ft. YTK

A blogpost on a Monday? Ethan are you feeling alright? – Do not worry, I assure you I’m fine…Dadcapps told me about his new song and it gave me an idea. Every now and then I’m gonna do these short and hopefully sweet posts about new tracks that I enjoy. That way if an artist that I’ve already covered or haven’t got round to covering yet releases something worth writing about, I can just do one of these. Does that sound like a good idea? I think so anyway.

Seeing as his suggestion gave me the idea, we’ll premiere this with Dadcapps‘ newest release called ‘Poison Pill’. As soon as I pressed play on this one I was fully intrigued. Tippy-tappy cymbals and a soft hits of sub bass introduce the track before Dadcapps‘ witty wordplay begins. Dulcet keyboard tunes mixed with occasional bright, engaging sound effects, fluid flows with originally entertaining lyricism…I was already loving this after the first hearing of its snappy chorus…and then out of nowhere came YTK, bringing his usual silvery slick delivery – the icing on top of this already sugar-coated chorale.

I could go on, but I am gonna try and keep these as brief as I can and let the songs speak for themselves. Right, I’ve done my bit, now go and check this tune out over on Soundcloud.

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