Round Up of the Month


A blogpost two weeks on the bounce? That’s not happened for a while has it eh? Aren’t you guys lucky. Seeing as I have been away from the blog for a while I thought I’d get us back up to date with some of the music that October has brought us.

Tom The Mail Man – Rain Down

One of my favourite artists to feature in ‘Discover Weeklies‘ so far, Tom The Mail Man is always living up to his name with new musical deliveries all the time. Now I know, quality over quantity; but when the quantity is always quality then who cares? The more the better when it sounds this good. ‘Rain Down’ twists and turns from solemn, serious rapping to melancholy vocals to deliver themes of heartache, control and revenge. Muffled strings that come and go as they please only add to this uneasy mood. Probably up there as one of his best songs in my mind already.

Justend – Arrested

The latest single from Justend is a complete exhibition of how to build a song up and up and bring it right back down again. An acoustic melody combined with shaky, emotion-filled vocals takes the tension up ten notches a second as subtle sub bass and blocky percussion sounds are introduced so smoothly you hardly notice them the first time of listening. This rise continues for a good minute for the suffocating sounds break lose; you feel like you can finally breathe again as the sound opens up with thick 808’s and fiddly electric guitar kick in. Some serious variation in atmosphere from Justend in this one. Quality.

Elliot Moss – Barricade

JAMES BLAKE FANS STOP AND LISTEN. In fact, all of you stop and listen. Elliot Moss first came to my attention a couple of years ago when I heard the suave single ‘Slip’ from his 2015 album ‘Big Bad Wolf’. I’ll admit that I liked that song so much I kinda didn’t think to look further into his music. I know that sounds proper stupid, but sometimes I like a song by a new artist so much that I’m worried to listen to more and not like it. Anyone else think that way sometimes? Surely they do. Anyway, the point is, I wish I had listened to more sooner. When his latest single Barricade came up on my Spotify suggested the other day I was almost instantly taken to another place. Hypnotising, overlapped vocals combined with moody, eerie instruments send you elsewhere before you are brought back with a rhythmic, strong piano melody of the chorus. Turn the lights off, shut your eyes, stick your earphones in, lay back and enjoy. Probably put your earphones in before you shut your eyes, that’ll probably be easier actually.

Easy Life – Nice Guys

The Leicester lads latest single ‘Nice Guys’ shows what I love most about them to a tee. With most bands, there’s always elements that you think are great and some things you’re not as keen on. That’s just the way it is, no matter how much you like them there will be songs that you just don’t click with. You might like The 1975’s classically indie numbers but not like the long instrumental ones for example, but that’s just variation in style right? It’s gonna happen. Easy Life however, somehow, somewhere, found the knack of creating songs that always contain all their good bits, without them ever sounding the same. Don’t ask me how they do it, but yet again they’ve mashed funky trumpets, lofi-esque beats and witty light hearted lyrics to create another indie pop daydream that sounds completely unique AGAIN. Must be something in the water here in Leicester.

C Roy – Best

C Roy brings something different to the table with his latest single ‘Best’. A bright, twinkly beat with a lo-fi feel brings a laid back vibe that is offset by odd, jangly keys that appear out of nowhere. Sounds of flowing water and what seems to be crickets in the background make you feel like you’re out in the countryside or by a pool watching the stars on a summers evening. That’s quite a nice place to be taken to, considering the current English weather. Too wet and too cold for my liking.

More new music to check out:

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