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Che Lingo

After several Soundcloud releases with accompanying videos, a constantly rising recognition, and the first single leading up to his newest album, it seemed only right to check in on all that has been going down with Che Lingo. The slick spitter’s humble vibe of confidence appears to be infecting an ever-growing number of people, and it is easy to see why. After seeing him perform at The Cookie in Leicester on his first headline tour, I had the pleasure of meeting Che. I wasn’t surprised at all by his down-to-earth quality and receptiveness to all the fans that came to see him. Showing that you are grateful for the people that follow what you do is something that, I believe, gets people a long way in maintaining a genuine and invested fan base, and it is something that this man manages to do effortlessly. Big up. Let’s crack on.


This laid back number is short but sweet, and is a prime example of Che’s ability to pack so much into pretty much a minute’s worth of music. Giving him an essence of normality, the one take video makes Che Lingo somehow even more likeable. For me, this sums up what I love most about the guy – the way he holds himself; there is no doubt that the London rapper is aware of his talent, however he still continues to keep his feet solidly on the ground, without the need to give out a superstar aura.


Next up from Lingo is BADMAN, a track that hits home on many levels. BADMAN’s wordplay weaves through current issues with violence and crime in UK cities, conveying the message that this is something that needs to be recognised head on, as apposed to people hiding away from reality behind a mask. Lingo’s raw and honest style gels with this topic perfectly and throws out both cold and harsh truths as well as emotions surrounding the artists own personal experiences. “as dark as it sounds I wish death was like a practical joke and a couple bruddas did jack-in-the-box, popping up back in the blocks – easily one of the best lines I’ve heard for a while.


Following the hard hitting BADMAN would seem to be a challenging task, but apparently not for this man. BIG DOUBTS explodes with heavy bass kicks and serious sounding strings, accompanied by high energy flows from Lingo. This track hones in on self doubt manifesting out of negative comments surrounding artists like Che Lingo that don’t just follow the groove of the masses. P.S – the three different colour ways of hoodie/coat combo in the video absolutely snap, if i had the money I’d say I need to found out where I can get them myself…but currently that ain’t happening. Nevermind ey.


Out of all the songs mentioned, this has got to be number one for me. Mellow guitar strings drift through the background of a perfectly minimal beat, allowing the Londoner’s words to take centre stage. Seamlessly silky switch ups in flow paired with wisdom filled lyricism allows for this track to be listened to a hundred times over and still feel like it’s the first time you’ve heard it. Each time I listen I pull a different message from it. Quality stuff.


Che Lingo serves up some super smooth flows over the top of a jazzy velvet beat by D’artizt on this funky number. There’s no messing about on this one, as Che delivers vibrant, playful flows with meaningful undertones that get you fully engaged with what he has to say. The way this wordy wizard makes his thoughts roll of the tongue with such ease is one of the most satisfying sounds for your ears to hear. “Never did it with clout, too evil, See no hear no speak no drama from people, Mama said mind your business, Coz every tall tale that you hear’s got sequels” – bonkers.


Last but not least is the latest single from the East-London lyricist. Che never misses a beat on this infectiously catchy track, exhibiting a range of sounds and styles; from classic rhythmic rapping, to soulful and hearty vocals. This diverse dipping and lifting in tempo and tone keeps you on your toes, as strong, rock-influenced riffs get you comfortably into the zone. When listening to this I can’t help but get excited for what is to come, which knowing Che Lingo, is just around the corner.

And if this doesn’t get you excited enough, check out Che’s recent cypher for the BET hip hop awards because what I’ve seen of it is absolute madness. On two occasions now I’ve spent like 20 minutes trying to find the full thing but I can’t seem to anywhere. If anyone knows where to see it let me know. But yeah, I’ve seen enough of it to know that he fully smashed it out the park.

Thanks for reading guys, apologies for being away for so long. It’s been a mixture of not having enough time with the beginning of my third year of uni, my laptop not doing what I want it to do and just feeling a lacking of motivation. But I’ve sorted all those things out and I am back. I’m not sure any of you were out there pining for posts, but nevertheless, I’m back. Until next time guys (fingers crossed that is next week not next year ey).

Instagram: @_media_mono_

Facebook: MONO BLOGS


Che Lingo’s Instagram: @che_lingo

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