How’s it going folks, long time no see (again). I know I know, I’ve been slacking on the blog front.

2020 has been a strange one so far right? In Jan and Feb I felt like there were never enough hours in the day, and now all the days are blurring into one.

The main reason I haven’t been posting is once again the fact that graduation is on the horizon and therefore uni deadlines are constantly looming, leaving me little time for much else. I’ve struggled to find the time to listen to new music, let alone write about it. When I’m super busy I get lazy with my music, I just end up chucking a lo fi playlist or stuff I’ve been listening to for years to save looking for something different.

But, with the quarantine comes lots of spare time to spend sitting on my arse – and what can I do whilst sitting on my arse? Listen to music and write about it.

I thought I’d put a playlist together of tunes to get you guys through this lockdown, and I’m gonna try and add to it every week and do a little post talking about some of the artists I’ve discovered in the process.

Let’s go.


I thought I’d only discovered Bakar last week, but it turns out I’d already been adding several of his songs to random playlists over the past couple of months without even realising they were him. I listened to ‘Hell N Back’ for the first time last week and its been the first song of the morning every day since. The Camden-born boy combines indie-soul vocals with smooth, jazzy beats full of saxophone sounds, and then switches it up with plucky electric guitars and relatable lyrics to create an honest, down to earth vibe that I currently can’t turn off. Also, be sure to check out his COLORS performance on YouTube.


If you’re struggling to feel upbeat whilst stuck at home then look no further than Devin More. His slick pop tunes, fully loaded with dreamy and punchy synths mixed with 80’s-style dance beats will have you on your feet in no time I guarantee you, but Devin’s capabilities don’t stop there. Amongst these upbeat number are a couple of darker, rap-driven tracks full of hard-hitting bass and ominous keys. ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ is an absolute bop.


Another artist hailing from Camden – I first came across Chelou a couple of weeks back when the mesmerising music video for ‘Halfway to Nowhere’ came up in my suggested YouTube videos. This then lead me down a rabbit whole of watching Chelou’s entire list of animated music videos, one after the other, what a great time that was. This man’s music has the ability to send you completely elsewhere. Chelou’s entrancing sound spans across a multitude of spaces, packing you in tightly one minute, before rocketing you somewhere completely vast and open the next – as if each song has its own world.

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