Hey guys, hope everyone is still coping okay, I’m currently adding to my Quarantunes playlist over on Spotify, so I thought I’d write about some of the music I’m adding. This week we’ve got a new E.P, a recent album and a recently discovered artist.


AQVOL’s infectious sound melds soothing, melodic keys with the kick of snappy high hats and trembling sub bass. He builds introspective lyrics with constantly catchy flows, and a voice that goes from slick and smooth to raw and dramatic and back again in no time. Be glad you’re in quarantine, you now have all the time in the world to check this guy out.

YTK – From Grace, for Grace

He’s done it again folks, he’s done it again. About a year ago I said that YTK was different gravy and all he’s done since is prove me right. His new album released in May brings more and more of what we love – the flawlessly polished delivery of cleverly witty wordplay, beats that go from jazzy lo-fi to electric guitar and rolling drums. YTK seems to be throwing music out just for fun at this point, and it keeps getting better and better.

Francis & the Foxes – Isolation E.P

Last but not least is a little four song E.P from Sheffield’s own Francis & The Foxes – 11 minutes of pure acoustic goodness. Soft and thoughtful lyrics over silky strings bring a raw and honest atmosphere, like rainy days stuck inside. Comforting words tip-toe perfectly around guitar melodies before wonderfully loud and bright vocals bring a burst of life, before settling down again. For some super easy listening and relaxing folky tones, look no further.

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