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Long time no see folks, I must apologise once again for the lack of content here on Mono Blogs over the past few months. A combo of moving house and an almost deceased laptop has made it difficult to get back into writing; I’ll be banging posts out on a more regular basis very soon hopefully.

This week I thought I’d throw three of my top recent discoveries your way – KennyHoopla, Bad Love and Leo Bhanji.


Wisconsin-based artist KennyHoopla knows no boundaries when it comes to genre. The versatile artist draws from a mash up of influences to bring snappy, infectious indie hits with a twist that delivers a vibe of modern-day nostalgia with a fresh sound. Expansive, production driven tracks contrasted with fast-paced guitar and edgy, raw vocals attribute towards a refreshingly grungy style that I can’t wait to hear more of.

Bad Love

Manchester sad-boys Bad Love bring one of the most exciting sounds I have heard for some time. Bright, sparkly synthesisers combined with a fun, varied delivery of catchy choruses make for a polished, compelling electro-pop sound that brings all the best bits of 80’s pop bangers whilst maintaining an electrifying originality. Bad Love‘s sound is like the love-child of The 1975 and the soundtrack of 2011 film Drive (one of the best soundtracks to date). You only have to wait one more day for the group’s latest offering – their brand new single ‘A Place For Me’ – a vivid and introspective number that fuses punchy percussion with upbeat, sunshiney synths that will keep your late summer days glowing. Get your vocals chords ready to belt out yet another contagious chorus.

Leo Bhanji

After the release of three 2019 singles exploring a thoughtful crossover of acoustic, indie and melancholy rap, Leo Bhanji returns in 2020 with his debut EP ‘No Guard’. Keeping true to his often stripped back sound, London-based Leo pulls you into his world through a gentle, warm and emotion-filled delivery of pensive lyricism. Compiling of six short but sweet moments, ‘No Guard’ takes you on a journey of reflection and introspection, with meditative sentiment packed into every breath. One of the most original sounds to come out of 2020 so far.

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