Discover Weeklies

Week one

With this being the opening blog, not only in this series but also my first ever blog, I’ll take a minute to tell you what this will all be about. For a long time I’ve wanted to create a blog but I’ve never thought of a decent idea that wasn’t your standard ‘This Is What I Did Today’ or ‘5 Tips To Do This Thing’; until I thought of Discover Weeklies. For a solid 5 or so years, music has been one of (if not the most important) thing to me. This is funny considering that up until recently, the closest thing to me being musical was learning the opening guitar tab for The Cave by Mumford & Sons on a cheapo kids guitar. For me, listening to music has become something of an addiction and something that I have always wanted to spread and talk about; I always want people to know what music I am into and want them to get into it too. Because of this I have always been the person to play music at parties, in the car, or just about anywhere that it is acceptable to play music out loud, at least that what I think I am…maybe I’m just that annoying person who always hogs the aux chord…oh well.

Anyway, the moral of all this is that I listen to music a lot. And with that comes the need for me to always be discovering new music or music that isn’t very well known: music that I would like to share with you guys. My taste in music has always been a bit (or a lot) of almost everything, it is always changing and shifting. From bands that first got me into music like Arctic Monkeys and Bring Me The Horizon, to electro dance tunes from C2C and Stromae. More recently my playlists consist of a load of hip hop and trap of all kinds, so a lot of these blogs will be related to this area, but who knows when my tastes will change again.

Anyway, enough crap talk, lets get into the discoveries. The opening lineup consists of Octavio, Yung EMU, and Clever.

1. Octavio

Spotify Listeners: 33,775

Most Played Song: 4LETTERWORD

My Personal Pick: Karma

Not as hip-hoppy than the rest of this weeks list, Octavio uses less of the common high hats and 808 bass and instead opts for more ‘real instrument’ sounding beats, creating a unique and soft sound to his music. He is definitely an artist who’s style could appeal to those of many different tastes, from those who are in to their downbeat rap as well as big indie band fans. His most recent release ‘Love Me Please’ will even interest you ballad-lovers out there, combining an almost Adele-esque piano tune with the odd burst of a light beat. Octavio has the voice and the style to smash songs that span a number of genres, whilst still maintaining his own style. The simple, yet catchy chorus of my personal favourite ‘Karma’ will have you humming for days.

2. Yung emu

Spotify Listeners: 17,440

Most Played Song: U Said I Could Do Anything

My Personal Pick: Drugs n Chainz

The first time I heard Yung EMU’s ‘LUV DNT DIE’, I instantly thought of XXXTENTACION; mostly in terms of the emotion within his delivery. Being compared to X in any way musically has got to be seen as a compliment, especially when talking about delivery. I didn’t think anyone could even be compared to the way X delivers his vocals until I heard Yung EMU, and trust me, that’s a big thing to say coming from me. EMU manages to combine deep, yet chilled beats with emotion-filled vocals and a heavy amount of auto-tune to create short, punchy songs that often follow a similar cadence from start to finish. Despite a samey cadence both within and throughout his songs, Yung EMU still manages to keep his songs highly interesting and different to any others artists with a unique, melancholy vibe that gets me fully involved every time I listen to him, which currently, is every day without fail. Without a doubt one of the best artists to just stick your earphones in, close your eyes and be immersed; quality.

3. clever

Spotify Listeners: 104,010

Most Played Song: When Only You Will Do ft. D Roc

My Personal Pick: The Hills

This one is less likely to be someone you haven’t heard of, but someone that I highly recommend delving deeper into. The variation of Clever’s music over the years is pretty impressive, with the 34 year old’s collection on Spotify stemming all the way back to 2006. The old school sounding rap in his early stuff sounds completely unrecognisable to the few songs he has put out over the last couple of years. My top pick, ‘The Hills’, is a mellow, atmospheric number with what sounds like a slowed down version of the guitar in Blink-182‘s ‘Adam’s Song’ – don’t worry Blink fans, he makes it work. Although Clever has been making music for well over a decade, he has only recently come to mainstream fame with his inclusion on Juice Wrld’s ‘Ring Ring’ – maybe a catalyst for a change in musical his style, who knows? Either way, with the direction his music is heading in currently, I am looking forward to whatever is next for Clever. ‘When Only You Will Do’ has got to be my song of the week too, absolute tune.

There you have it, three artists for you to either check out for the first time or to look into more. Whether they tickled your fancy or not, be sure to check in next week for three more discoveries, there’ll be something for all of you if you stick around long enough…I promise.

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All numbers and / or stats are as of 30.05.2019.

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