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Week two

So here we are, week two, and that means three more artists for you all. You’ll be glad to hear that the intro for this and all following weeks will not contain all the waffle of last week (phew), so let’s get straight to the important bit – the music.

This week I will be telling you guys a little bit about YTK, Dadcapps and Justend; three artists making moves different to anyone else.

1. YTK

Spotify Listeners: 16,350

Most Played Song: Bodiless

My Personal Pick: Rosethroat

This guy is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine, and once you listen to him you’ll understand exactly why that is. The way YTK manages to combine his flow and lyrics over the top of a perfectly matching beat in every song is crazy. I’m not one to get into overly lyrical rappers that often, but when I heard YTK it was very easy to make an exception. Clever lyrics roll off the tongue with what sounds like effortless slickness for YTK, creating songs that are able to contain a tonne of madness whilst maintaining a laid back feel. I feel like too many lyrical rappers can only spit at one tempo – overly fast as though they’re trying just a little too hard to fit as much in as possible; so it’s refreshing to hear someone that is able to do what YTK does without sounding like he’s going blue in the face. The music video for his top played song ‘Bodiless’ is just as smoothly done as his rapping – with simple yet pleasing edgy shots of YTK standing almost completely still, rapping under his breath, with the backdrop of an overgrown house. I like the decision to keep the music video uncomplicated; it acts as a perfect accompaniment to the song and let’s the music speak for itself. I’d be hugely surprised YTK doesn’t just keep going up and up and up, he’s got it all going for him – big fan.

2. Dadcapps

Spotify Listeners: 71

Most Played Song: Moonlight

My Personal Pick: Drowsy Sunday ft. Anisha

Dadcapps brings a style to the table that I have so far failed to see in anyone else. Often jazzy beats combined with a deep, gravelly voice create a vibe of both lazy and funday Sundays simultaneously. Chilled saxophone-filled backtracks make for extremely easy listening. I think it’s pretty safe to say that almost every song out there makes you think of a certain type of weather, from sunny tropical house to downbeat lo-fi painting a rainy day in your mind, nearly all music does this to some extent. However it’s not so often for an artists collection of songs to encapsulate all of the weathers (if that makes sense) – but that’s what Dadcapps is able to do, in my mind at least. I’ll be listening to one of his songs, and I’ll start with an image in my head of being sat in a park somewhere with a drink in the sun, and by the end of the song, I’ll have the vision of looking through my window on a rainy day. Maybe it’s all in my head, who knows. An element of Dadcapps’ album ‘For Your Sister’ that I particularly enjoy is these little, minute long, anecdotal snippets throughout the album. He talks about seeing the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on out of a coffee shop window, and contemplating what he could possibly say to her. These link into the songs on the album perfectly and give an introspective thought process on a situation that, let’s face it, everyone has been in. How Dadcapps hasn’t got more listeners blows my mind but it is only a matter of time before he does, I’m sure of it. If there are any Tyler, The Creator fans here then you would be silly not to check this guy out, you are guaranteed to like him.

3. Justend

Spotify Listeners: 7,763

Most Played Song: NO DYNAMITE

My Personal Pick: Candy Colored Whips

A quick warning, only listen to this one if you’re prepared to sing and hum a loop of about 10 different choruses on repeat over and over again for the rest of the week. The first song I heard from Justend was ‘NO DYNAMITE’, and after one listen (quickly followed by many more) I could hardly stop myself from singing it under my breath constantly (or not so under my breath when driving on my own). After noticing how much this song stuck, I had to listen to more; two songs in, I realised ‘NO DYNAMITE’ was not alone in it’s catchy-ness, and then five songs in, and so on, you get the point. Justend appears to be a master at writing songs that cling on to your cranium for as long as they possibly can, which seems to be a quite a while. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this annoying? Too often yes it is annoying for the same song to be going round and round in your head all day, but this is not the case with Justend. And why is this you ask? Because the songs are just too damn good to get annoying, that’s why. Justend goes from singing over hard-hitting beats with punchy, deep 808’s to funky, melodic back tunes full of chill and smoothness; giving the best of both worlds. All this, along with a voice that is super easy to enjoy, makes Justend a perfect artist for any first time RnB / Hip Hop listeners, for sure. Go and do your ears a favour and check him out quick time.

And that’s week two for you. I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do and I hope you enjoyed the read. If you did, be sure to spread the word and let people know about the artists you enjoy and the blog itself too.

I have also now made a playlist including all artists from the blog posts which I will update weekly to make it super easy for you guys to see all of the artists in one place. Give that a follow too if you fancy.

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All numbers / stats are as of 05.06.2019.

Cover design by Ellie-Jean Lloyd

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